Financial Protection Services

The right cover can make sure your business lasts and prospers

Business Protection Insurance can help protect your Business

The right business protection plan can ensure the financial security of your company in the event of death or serious illness, and as part of a complete risk management plan, can even reduce your premiums.

There are many degrees of protection, from the essentials like mortgage protection and life cover, to added benefits like providing the right health plan for your employees.

We can help you create the best protection plan for your business.

What plans should I consider?


Level Term Cover

In the event of your death, level term cover can:

  • Compensate designated parties with the cash equivalent of your company shares
  • Ensure control for those who remain in the business
  • Compensate the company itself for any potential loss of profits
  • Level term cover is an essential part of taking out a loan for commercial premises, to ensure any funds owing on the property will be paid in the event of your death.

Specified Illness Cover

Should you fall ill with one of a range of illnesses specified by your policy, specified illness cover will insure your company against the loss of profits resulting from your absence.


Health Insurance

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. Providing a comprehensive company health plan can help you recruit and retain the best talent.