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Remortgaging Advice

Some consumers are opting to remortgage their current mortgage package to avail of the best interest rates available to them.

Reasons to Refinance


Release Some of the Property Value

Some consumers may have children for examples attending third level and wish to release some of the value of their home to fund this. Or they may wish to carry works to the property.


Consolidate Loans

With high interest rates affecting us all from car loans to credit cards bills to personal loans, many consumers are choosing to consolidate their short term debt. By consolidating all outstanding loans into one overall mortgage repayment, you can significantly reduce your monthly outgoings.


Switch and Save by Moving to a Better Rate

Many people are now opting to switch and save by moving their current mortgage to another lender and therefore availing of a lower rate. You don’t need to be topping up your mortgage or consolidating any debt in order to do this. A number of lenders will now pay the legal fees associated with switching lenders therefore making this a very attractive option for consumers.

Warning: If you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home.